Valentine's Day

Valentines Day.

Where did this tradition come from? Some say it celebrates the feast of Saint Valentine, who was imprisoned for ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire and performing marriage rites to soldiers who were forbidden to marry, so says the Wikipedia page.

Others say it originated in the back yard of their great grandmama’s home. I kid, but wherever its origin, we cannot deny that for some Valentine’s day is quite a deal and we are here to indulge. It’s a celebration of Love after all and Love makes the world go round more important, translated, Ife is LOVE so this day was made with us in mind. Origins and dates notwithstanding.

What are you up to this Valentine’s Day?

Whatever it is, may we offer you some suggestions? Ok cool, we will.


Where to go?

Step out of the ordinary and be extraordinary yet simple; take in the Malik Sidibe Exhibition in London. If in Italy, get to Bologna and go see Frida Khalo’s exhibition. Followed by the requisite dinner and a movie if you like or a day meandering around whatever city you find yourself in.


What to Wear?

From the Spring Summer 2017 drop, our haba dress in batik print is impeccable, flower crown is optional, but adds a touch of darling to the look. The haba dress is our infinite go to for most everything from hoping on a plane to dinner in fancy terrain. The batik print is hand woven and dyed by artisans to give it the varying patterns. This season we’ve switched it a little with the sweetheart neckline and flare hemmed sleeve. Shop here