The Nina Dress
In this same vein as Nina Simone, we sought to capture her sway with our Nina Dress, a signature piece in our collection from season to season.

Fierce and fabulous. Pockets for functionality, fit in and around every curve of your beautiful bodies, a mix of African prints that marries our cultures and stories; cowries and George print, silk polka dots with Ankara, a marriage between regions and an acknowledgement to where we come from.

There is something ferocious about the Nina dress; we felt it when we created her; a transformation that occurs with a certain swagger. It was always inevitable that she become for us a wardrobe staple. No matter the print, regardless of the mix, she feels familiar, feminine, and empowering.

Timeless, with an effortless sense of style, smart, alluring and sexy.

You’d be hard pressed to find an occasion which the Nina dress does not suit, almost like the icon herself, whose music transcended clichés.

Thank you Ms Simone.