Florence- Botticelli

There is war waging across our desks, this new conflict making us yell and throw things. Paris! Florence! Paris! Florence… we have chosen sides. Titi says Paris, Tinuke yells “Florence is the most beautiful city of all time.” Most romantic, most enchanting."

To travel is to live in a life completely off script, discover another world. Live your dream and every time we board a plane to a destination unknown and uncharted we are immensely grateful for the opportunity.

On our last jaunt to Florence we couldn’t stop marveling at the city, the sights and the people. Florence is where Art comes to life, where love flourishes, the junction where fantasy meets reality and both accommodate each other. Its beautiful and enchanting, and all the lovely adjectives you can use to describe it.

We stayed; Hotel Art Gallery near the Ponte Vecchio that bridges old Florence with the new. Five minutes from the Uffizi Gallery. This led us to Botticelli Venus and La Primavera; that's another thing we cannot agree on- which is the more superior work of art! Primavera Tinuke yells. VENUS!! Titi texts back in shouty capitals. Either way the one thing we agree on is one must eat gelato anywhere, everywhere. Stomp the old town and imagine Dante and Beatrice roaming around. Or to the many galleries that are around the city. Ferragamo museum is one of such.

But back to Botticelli and Venus, its possibly the most enchanting (or second most enchanting) piece of art and its worth the visit and then some.  

What to pack; Naturally, Greta jumpsuit, some flats, and you're good to go.