An Awkward Lady

We all have our eccentricities, little quirks that go to the heart of who we are, funny habits that amuse us in our own company, which would make us blush in public. We read the book, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl and were immediately inspired by Issa Rae’s stories, it resonated with us in so many ways, matter of fact Titi is that girl that practises but fails to master the latest dance steps in front of the mirror before leaving the house on a night out. Sister girl is rhythm adjacent, the beat goes to the left and she sways to the right. For Tinuke its mastering that pesky liquid liner flick; it all goes well until it comes to the flick. If she is late to a meeting and her liner is on fleek, you know it’s because at least a half hour was spent in front of the mirror getting that flick on fleek. Her day can often times be defined by the flick of her liner.

So yes, quirks? We all have them be it our rhythm or liner flicks and this collection is a nod to celebrating us, as we are. As women, we are under a great deal of pressure to have it all and look perfect whilst doing it, but nothing in life in perfect, yet that is what makes us perfect, these weird little habits; not walking under a pole, making sure to step out of the house with the right leg, did you know that can determine the journey you make (don’t ask me how I know that), keeping our fingers crossed literally, making a wish on a shooting star… our quirks are us and this collection is a celebration of all parts of us; from the Bonnie playsuit to the peek sleeve details of the Langa dress, the fun mixing of unusual prints to the unusual peplum of the pencil skirt, our style is an extension of who we are and instead of shying away from our awkward little habits we celebrate them and combine them with our femininity. Whatever it is that makes us imperfect also makes us unique, and singular and this collection is a celebration of that singularity. So here’s to the weird and whacky ways you awesomely awkward Lady.

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