Style Muse: The many times I have loved Cicely Tyson

Cicely Tyson is a legend. I should end the article here but I cannot help but swoon over my style icon in her birthday month. She was the first woman to rock cornrows on television and she did so with such panache. Who can forget her natural hair cut before it became 'cool' to wear natural hair. Plus, she did marry Miles Davis - I'm not one to laud a woman because of the man she dates, but Miles Davis is just too cool!

She is always an inspiration for each collection - a muse that is effortless. Her fashion never seems desperate, but instead is always classy.

Allow me to share some of my favourite many styles of Cicely Tyson.


The teeny weeny afro

cicely tyson



cicely tyson cornrow

The head wrap

cicely tyson


The big 'fro

cicely tyson


The big 9-0 Ageing graefully

cicely tyson